Online Degrees

A college education is critical in today’s job market.  Those with a college degree will earn a higher income and face less unemployment than those without a degree. However, to obtain this degree, today’s hard-working individual should keep in mind that getting this education depends on finding the most suitable college.

As we are still very much entangled with the Corona Virus, online schools are more in demand than ever. Though some colleges have begun to allow small groups of students back into the classroom, many still study online, which at the moment, is the safest way to get an education. After overcoming the virus, we may never go back to 100% on-campus learning, which is understandable.

Therefore, it is even more critical that the student investigate what online programs are available, how affordable they are, and the options for financial aid and student recourses.

These are all central to determining what is best for the online learner.  Also, there are the same degrees offered online as there are on campus and in person. For example, a student interested in obtaining an associate degree will have various subjects to choose from. These include business, criminal justice, or even homeland security, to name a few.

If the student is interested in joining the police force, an associate degree in criminal justice would be an asset for a future in law enforcement. Those interested in an AA can look to the following list of colleges that are considered the most affordable. With tuition far below the normal, the first one is Allen County Community College – $1,920, located in Kansas.

The fifth most affordable online college is Western Nebraska Community College, with a tuition of $3,225. Skipping to the tenth most affordable online college, we come to Baton Rouge Community College, with its tuition at $4,046, located in New Orleans, LA.

There is a steady increase in tuition, but still relatively minimal in comparison to most in-person campuses. The twenty-fifth most affordable online community college is Cohise College, with an educational cost of $4,896, and located in Arizona.

This list illustrates that online community colleges have become very affordable for the student striving to achieve an AA degree and begin a career within the administrative services, non-profit corporations, or the honorable profession as a police officer.

If a student is interested in a bachelor’s degree, they can investigate online universities to locate the most affordable ones. With a bachelor’s or BA, there are more opportunities available, including higher pay, fewer unemployment issues, and more prestigious career choices. For example, with a bachelor’s, you can become a manager in a variety of different professions, as well as a computer or chemical engineer.

Another positive factor when choosing an online university is its appeal to the working force, who seek to advance their careers or begin new ones. Some examples of online universities that offer affordable bachelor’s degrees are various in location.

For example, the University of North Carolina at Pembroke, with a tuition of $5,067, is rated number one in the most affordable online bachelor’s degree programs in the US. Skipping to the fifth most affordable university, we come to Georgia Southern University, with tuition set at $5,646. As we advance to the fifteenth most affordable university offering bachelor’s degrees, we find Louisiana State University, Shreveport, with its tuition of $7,070.  The twenty-fifth most affordable online university is the University of Missouri at Saint Louis, with the tuition at $7,891.00. The difference between an online associate’s degree and an online bachelor’s degree differ in education, but they are still quite affordable.

If you choose to go above and beyond a bachelor’s degree, there is a master’s degree to consider. An MA offers even higher-paying positions than a bachelor’s and more prestigious career choices. These range from a school counselor, psychologist, economist, or even an urban and regional planner working for the city. If you are interested in pursuing a master’s degree, there are affordable online universities. The cheapest is the Georgia Institute of Technology, with its online tuition of $2,700. This is very affordable, but it is a tech university, not suitable for just anyone.

The fifth most affordable online tuition for a master’s degree lies with Augusta University, with its tuition determined at $4,140. If we continue down the line and come to the fifteenth most affordable online master’s degree program, we find ourselves at the University of the Cumberlands, with tuition set at $5,040. Finally, the twenty-fifth most affordable online master’s degree program is The University of Texas at Arlington, with a tuition of $5,467. These numbers show that online learning can be affordable to those who take the time to investigate.

The last online program to look at is a Ph.D. and doctorate program. This level of education is the highest degree offered within the  US. However, this doesn’t mean we can’t look for the most affordable universities that provide these prestigious degrees.

Something important to understand is that a P.h.D. and doctorate programs adhere to those interested in a career in research and development, as well as academia.

Those who wish to obtain this type of degree usually decide to dedicate their lives to the teaching profession as professors. However, there are other fields to consider, such as nursing or business.

Like with the associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees, it is essential to find the most affordable online Ph.D. and doctorate programs available. For the student who wants to go into the health field, the most affordable online university is The University of St. Augustine for Health Services, with tuition as low as $3,770.

Moving to the tenth most affordable online P.h.D. and doctorate program, we find Mississippi State University, with their tuition set at $7,335. Moving forward, we come to the fifteenth most affordable online university that offers a doctorate and P.h.D. program; the University of North Dakota, with a tuition of $11,736. Finally, the twenty-fifth most affordable online program for the P.h.D. and doctoral students is the Massachusets College of Pharmacy and Health Services, with their tuition at $17,820.

This number seems high, but for an online learning experience in the comfort of your own home, not worrying about classroom space, school parking, or other setbacks to attending an on-site university, this tuition doesn’t seem extraordinary when considering the benefits.

Overall, online universities, whether they focus on associate’s, bachelor’s master’s, or P.h.D. and doctoral programs, can be affordable if the student investigates. Online education is becoming more popular, and with the pandemic, it is safer. One question remains. After the pandemic is over, will students want to go back to on-campus universities, or will they stay online learners? Only time will tell.