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Resources for Online College Students

There are a plethora of online resources for online college students. These resources are aimed at helping online students better navigate through online learning and provide websites for assisting students who need guidance during the time of Covid. The following is a list of some of the internet’s best resources for online college students. One such resource is College Cliffs. This site helps individuals find and choose the best online programs to fit their regiment. In addition to providing this guidance, also helps students citing each online university by its state, allowing them to see what is offered throughout the country. Another resource is gives students insight into earning a bachelor’s degree from an online accredited university. The website lists online colleges via their ranking in programs and courses, making it easier for them to find the best bachelor program.

Besides these, there is Cappex, an online database that helps students determine scholarship eligibility to help with financing college. This site also offers a look into online programs based on the student’s interest. Unigo is another website that allows online students to navigate the world of financial aid. This site dedicates itself to helping the new online freshmen and provides insight into college loans, scholarships, and college organizations. It prides itself on student feedback, as well. College Confidential is another online college resource that helps online students find the best college, according to their likes, location, courses, and degrees. This site also offers expert help and career opportunities. Niche is another online  for students. This site provides students’ reviews on the best colleges and programs and will match them with the college that best fits their interests. Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology offer free courses online on their site, EdX. It provides students with the skills and knowledge they need for college and tools to help them learn their lessons easier. Another site is College Navigator. This site aids students in finding the best online school, depending on the student’s area code, state, and degree programs. EdX also helps students by providing important college information, video tutorials, and reports. Chegg is another online website for college students that includes study support and test preparation. It offers tutorials and is available 24/7 with live help. The Saylor Foundation, aka Saylor Academy, is a free learning site for college students. Its’ various courses help students achieve basic knowledge, and a virtual completion certificate is awarded to those who finish the programs. Peterson’s is yet another online tool devoted to assisting students in finding the right college based on its agenda. It aids students with organizational skills and college application deadlines. It also offers various ways to pay for college with scholarships and loan information. Coursera is considered one of the most successful online websites for college students available. It offers free searches for courses and gives students the chance to earn an online degree in computer science and business programs. A virtual online platform is Study Guide Zone. This site offers students resources on attaining high S.A.T. and A.C.T. scores and other tests related to college.

Getting Smart is another online learning platform that helps students in their learning strategies. It also coaches students on their learning techniques. Khan Academy is a well-known online platform dedicated to helping students with exams by offering free courses on exam preparation and success. It provides students with practice tests at a pace that is comfortable for them. Besides this platform, there is the famous TedTalk. This platform provides students with educational conferences and tutorials and guest speakers involving a plethora of subject matter. For students who need help to obtain financial aid, Fastweb is the platform. It offers loan options and aids the student in finding the suitable type of financial assistance for college. For students who need an internship, there is This platform matches students with the correct employers and helps them earn their required course hours if required.

Next is UReddit or the University of Reddit. This site provides courses and resources for college students. The classes are catered to the student’s particular learning style, whether online or in-person. Another resource for students is This site allows students to earn certificates in their choice of study. It also offers individuals a workforce degree to help them get back into society’s workplace.  Open Culture is yet another online platform for college students. This site provides students with over 1,300 free courses in a variety of multicultural classes, as well as movies and audiobooks. Next is This site is geared toward helping students understand information technology or I.T. Its courses are live along with live laboratories and practice exams and a  substantial library. Adding to these is Rapid E-Learning Blog. This site helps students become experts in online learning/e-learning. Its courses focus on graphic design, visual and technological developments.

Further, Atrixware, a platform that focuses on technology and web development, offers students a place to show their web development and technology presentations. WizIQ is an online platform that focuses on teaching and training. This site helps students with practice tests, allows them to create their practice exams, and offers 24/7 online help. is an online platform that provides students with quizzes, animation, and videos on various subject matter. is another online platform that focuses on helping students with literacy, math, and technology skills. the e-Learning Coach is a website that offers tools for students to guide them on their journey through online learning. iHomework is a mobile device to help students become organized, and it allows them to enter curricular information for academic success. Lastly, there is Course Buffet. This website allows students to search for classes that are individual and not tied to a particular university or college.

The internet offers online college students various websites to help them with their learning, choosing their courses, finding online student support, and helping them select the programs and practices that best suit their career choices. The sites listed above are just a few of these sites that offer assistance to online college students.