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Online Degree Programs

There is a plethora of online degree programs available for online students. An example of these programs includes social work, psychology, medical assistant, nursing, English literature, Spanish, architecture, and construction management.

Students who wish to earn a degree in any of these fields must first take undergraduate classes. For those interested in social work, an online degree program will offer courses associated with this field of study.  Some of these will be family diversity, population differences, and childhood development. Because online programs offer classes all year, the student will have the opportunity to finish courses sooner and begin their career in a timelier fashion. As with any subject, the higher the degree, the more chances for a lucrative career and higher salary.

A master’s in social work will offer a more prestigious wage and allows one to work directly with clients and help at-risk children find loving homes. Obtaining a degree from an accredited online university enable the individual to maintain their daily schedule while learning in the comfort of their own home. With this in mind, it is understandable why students today are more excited about online learning than ever before.

In addition to the social worker online program, there is the online psychology degree.  This degree allows someone the chance to become a psychologist, a counselor, or a forensic psychologist. What is important to remember is that courses taken in this field are considered graduate courses, and therefore, meant for the student working on their master’s degree. However, those who are just beginning and want an AA in psychology can expect to take classes such as childhood psychology, abnormal psychology, and the history of psychology.

The individual with an AA in psychology can expect a career as a youth counselor, research associate, or even a police officer. A bachelor’s degree would be the next step for those who have completed their associate degree and are looking to continue their education in psychology. There are two kinds of degrees at the bachelor’s level; BA, a Bachelor of Arts, or a BS, or bachelors of science.

A BS would be the route to go for those interested in a counseling profession, and classes would prepare the student for the next stage; a master’s in psychology to pursue a counseling career. If the student wishes to continue their courses, the next degree is post-graduate, leading to a psychologist’s career. Whatever the student chooses, they will achieve a well-rounded education through online learning as much as if they were on campus.

Students interested in the medical field can take online courses to become a medical assistant, a career that is very much in need, especially during the pandemic. Those who choose to obtain an AA have a chance to work within the medical field in such professions as medical billing, nursing and even radiology associate. If the student wants to continue their education and obtain bachelor’s degree, they can then pursue such careers as nursing, or working in a medical laboratory.

These fields offer a higher salary and are considered to be prestigious in their own right. What is important to remember is that any associate’s degree in the medical field, can lead to nursing or a CNA (certified nursing assistant). With this profession, the student only needs an associate degree, and CNA’s are very much in demand, especially with the pandemic reaping the resources of the medical profession. A certified nursing assistant can always continue their degree and receive a bachelor’s in nursing and become an RN, or registered nurse.

Another field of study for the online student is construction management. A degree in this field allows the individual to work with homeowners, businesses, or even city developers. This degree requires strong communication skills, management skills, and of course, the construction process itself.

Construction management careers work with a construction team, as well as inspectors, so they are typically involved in the building process from the beginning, and are responsible for negotiating contracts between companies, collaboration with engineers, as they design and create the buildings or homes the construction management is involved with.

What is important to know and understand is that online learning offers the same opportunities as in-person learning, with the added advantage of learning in your own home and making your own schedules. Online programs and degrees were created for the busy individual who wants to improve their education, while working. Considering the individual’s current work environment, some are offered online programs to increase their knowledge at their existing occupation.

For example, a certified nursing assistant who has proven themselves to be steadfast and knowledgeable may inquire into becoming an RN. If their supervisor agrees, the CNA would then begin nursing courses while maintain their work as a certified nursing assistant. In this situation, the employee is improving their education to move forward in their career.

Of course, nursing is just one sample. Another example of moving upward within one’s own career could be if a construction worker felt they wanted to be more involved with the decision making, they could begin classes online to earn a degree in construction management, while remaining in the construction field.

However, not all online programs and majors are for individuals who want to grow within their own company. For many, they need a change all together, and taking online courses while working, gives them the chance to continue to bring in an income, and on the side, work on a degree for a career they’ve always wanted. It is examples such as these that make online learning so lucrative and popular.